Tuesday May 4th 2021

IBM France management has just informed us: the IBM France 2021 redundancy plan has been transformed into a Voluntary Departure Plan !

Efforts shared by trade unions have been fruitful and 2021 will not yet be the year of the first forced layoff plans (also called PSE in french) at IBM.

The elected representatives and the trade unions are pleased with the new orientation Management is taking subsequent to social dialog, which has never been interrupted despite the strong tensions of these past weeks.

There has been a positive outcome to our first demand : no forced layoffs at IBM France !

The wait might have seemed agonizingly long for all employees and for departure volunteers in particular and the schedule is running somewhat late, but the delay was necessary to give us time to change Management’s position towards a more favorable outcome for the plan.

CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, CGT and UNSA trade unions completely logically accepted that management open the EMC (External HR partner) this morning so that volunteers can start making themselves known, get information and submit their dossiers.

All elected representatives and trade unions will remain vigilant over the social aftermath of the Plan: workload; future of the sites; employability of remaining employees.

Persevering joint trade union efforts have paid for the PSE (Redundancy Plan), and now, through negotiation, we need to ensure a strong social base for Kyndryl at least the equivalent to that of IBM.

CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC and UNSA trade unions affirm their ambition to pursue pooled action to shift the lines on Kyndryl project to preserve GTS-IS employees rights and social benefits.